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Ranking Lady GaGa’s Songs!

I am seeing Lady GaGa in concert tomorrow for the 2nd time. I was thinking about my favorite GaGa songs and I thought about the 56 songs she has officially released on album, single, or soundtrack and I decided to rank them for you. I will give honorable mention to the unreleased and featured songs from her that I think are worth listening to. So, here we go!

56. Jewels N’ Drugs (Feat. T.I.) (ArtPop – 2013): In theory, I thought I would enjoy this song. I’m a fan of Lady GaGa and I am a fan of T.I. But it would appear that I have yet to learn my lesson in getting my hopes up when two artists I like decide to collaborate. I honestly cannot stand this song. I tried listening to it once and that was all I could handle. It is horrible. It is without a doubt, the worst song that Lady GaGa has ever released (not counting any demos) and I hope it eventually just gets buried in her discography never to be heard from again. It’s just the worst.

55. Dope (ArtPop – 2013): Another bad song from ArtPop. I’ve given this song a couple attempts to like. She released as a promotional single before the release of the album so I thought maybe there was something there I was missing. But I just couldn’t get myself to like this song. It’s another awful song by her. Luckily she does have many songs I do love so I can forgive her for this.

54. Brown Eyes (The Fame – 2008): I remember when The Fame came out and instantly finding this song to be my least favorite. I was never able to get into it and I always felt like it was so out of place on such a great album. Every other song on there was so unique it seemed like and then there was this track that I was always skipping. It completes my trifecta of GaGa songs that I do not have on my iPod. I have the rest of her discography but I just don’t care for these bottom three songs in the slightest.

53. I Like It Rough (The Fame – 2008): Alright we are already at the point on the list where I am at songs that I enjoy. “I Like It Rough” is clearly far from my favorite GaGa song but I will say that I don’t hate it. Although it is a little catchy, it just isn’t catchy enough to make me want to listen to it randomly or to not skip it on shuffle 8/10 times.

52. Fashion of His Love (Born This Way – 2011): Easily in my opinion, the most forgettable track from 2011’s Born This Way. I honestly think I may have listened to it a total of 10 times ever since it was released 3 years ago. Although it isn’t a bad song, it certainly doesn’t stand out or hold its ranks among other GaGa songs.

51. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion (Born This Way – 2011): Although not as forgettable, it doesn’t do the best job of standing out as a GaGa classic either. If GaGa is still releasing music in 10 or 20 years, it is hard to imagine any fans pointing out this track as one of their all-time favorites or if it will even be remembered at that point.

50. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) (Born This Way – 2011): Same can be said for this track. It’s a decent song but it just gets lost in her discography. It won’t stand the test of time or make its mark when we are older and reminisce about the career of Lady GaGa.

49. Disco Heaven (The Fame – 2008): This is another forgotten track from The Fame. It was actually a bonus track from the album so many people who bought the album in stores didn’t even know about this track. Luckily for them it wasn’t really a hidden gem. It has a catchy beat and in true GaGa fashion makes you want to dance. The only problem is you will probably never hear it at a party or club for the rest of your life.

48. Paper Gangsta (The Fame – 2008): This is definitely one of the most unique tracks from The Fame and perhaps of GaGa’s whole discography. In fact, it is one of the prime examples of how GaGa made unique work and how she made being different her claim to fame.

47. Aura (ArtPop – 2013): Now that we’ve gotten past the truly atrocious songs of ArtPop, let’s get to the mediocre songs. “Aura” is definitely an interesting pick to open the ArtPop album with and also an interesting choice to open her Art Rave Tour with as well. From the moment it starts with the guitar strumming, you become intrigued with what the song will turn into. Unfortunately it never evolves into anything truly amazing, which is why it is an interesting choice to lead an album with. The first song should make you want to keep listening. Luckily her fans were already into her enough to give the rest of the album a chance because “Aura” does not catch our interest right away.

46. Electric Chapel (Born This Way – 2011): Here is a prime example of a Lady GaGa song that was catchy and fun the first few times you heard it, but then you forgot about. If someone came up to me and asked me to name 20 Lady GaGa songs as they popped in my head, 10/10 times I would not name this song. It wouldn’t even be one of the first 5 songs from Born This Way that came to mind. I think it is a fun song but it is simply forgettable. If Lady GaGa’s discography was the red carpet, this song would be Drew Barrymore. Yeah it’s fun to see her there, but who can even remember 5 Drew Barrymore looks? Exactly.

45. ArtPop (ArtPop – 2013): The title track from ArtPop was kind of a letdown for me. The way this album was hyped up with the name ArtPop and the promotion, I expected the title track to be well, catchier? It just seemed to fall short for me. It isn’t a bad song; I think I just had my hopes up too high for this one.

44. Swine (ArtPop – 2013): Talk about one of ArtPop’s most interesting songs. I’m curious to know what drugs GaGa was on when she came up with the lyrics for this song. I love the melody to the song and I think it is fun to sing along to. But I can’t help but feel somewhat silly when I realize the lyrics I am belting out. But not every GaGa song can be lyrically strong.

43. Christmas Tree (Feat. Space Cowboy) (Non Album Single – 2008): Leave it to the lovely Lady GaGa to make a sexual Christmas song. The Fame hadn’t even been out for that long nor had Lady GaGa really established herself as a superstar yet by the time she decided to release a Christmas song. The end result was of course, quite GaGaesque and referenced how her Christmas Tree is delicious among other things. If we didn’t already know from The Fame, this song solidified that there was nobody quite like Lady GaGa.

42. The Queen (Born This Way – 2013): Although I do like this song, it just wasn’t anything original for me. It was one of the first examples to me that GaGa was never going to be able to duplicate the versatility and uniqueness that she displayed with The Fame.

41. The Fame (The Fame – 2008): Catchy song from her debut album but I won’t be surprised if I never hear it a GaGa concert again.

40. Teeth (The Fame Monster – 2009): One of GaGa’s more fun songs. It was one of my original favorites from The Fame Monster but I would have to say I have grown out of it a bit. It is not one of my go to songs from that album anymore.

39. Fashion! (ArtPop – 2013): I may have ranked this song higher had GaGa not already released a song called “Fashion” in 2009 on the Confessions of A Shopaholic soundtrack that I was already quite obsessed with. Although I love the catchiness of this song, it is far inferior to the other “Fashion” song.

38. Government Hooker (Born This Way – 2011): Another interesting song off of Born This Way. It has some fun lyrics but not one that stands out to me in her long list of songs.

37. Edge of Glory (Born This Way – 2011): I never really understood the overwhelming love for this song. Sure it is fun and catchy, but the saxophone and the beat are just so ‘80’s. It isn’t anything original from her but the fun is still there. But let’s face it, if we were just ranking the singles, this would not be up very high.

36. Speechless (The Fame Monster – 2009): The true appeal to this song off of The Fame Monster is that it rids you of any doubt that Ms. Germanotta can SING. Say what you want about her image, her songs, her lyrics, or her, but you can’t deny that she has some spectacular pipes in her. This song really showcases them and for that, it is one of my favorite GaGa songs to belt out in the car by myself.

35. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (The Fame – 2008): This song was actually released on iTunes prior to the release of The Fame. It is actually one of the reasons I was so excited for her debut album. Along with “Poker Face” & “Just Dance,” this song caught my interest early on with Miss GaGa.

34. Manicure (ArtPop – 2013): Now we are making our way to ArtPop tracks that I just love. “Manicure” is so catchy and I love listening to it.

33. Starstrukk (Feat. Flo Rida & Space Cowboy) (The Fame – 2008): One of the first collaborations we got to witness from Lady GaGa. I still love dancing to this song and I hope I get to see her perform it again someday.

32. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (The Fame – 2008): Anybody who has gone through a breakup can relate to this song. I wish it would have been an official single in more countries. It is one of her more fun songs and I always get a summer feeling when I hear it so I play it a lot during the summer.

31. Heavy Metal Lover (Born This Way – 2011): This is one song I didn’t expect to like so much. At first, I thought it was going to be another forgettable track from Born This Way but I still love this song.

30. So Happy I Could Die (The Fame Monster – 2009): Although this song was less popular than other tracks on The Fame Monster, it was one of my instant favorites. I just love the lyrics in the chorus and the beat to the song. I just love this song. I wish it would have been released as a single but I couldn’t imagine it doing that well commercially or critically unfortunately.

29. Born This Way (Born This Way – 2011): I know I’m going to get flack for this, but I think “Born This Way” is without a doubt the most overrated song by Lady GaGa. Now it is in no way a bad song. I love the message behind it. I love the beat of course. I mean why wouldn’t I? “Express Yourself” by my queen Madonna is one of my favorite anthems by her. Even without the whole Madge-GaGa criticism with this song, I still never understood why some GaGa fans consider this their big gay anthem or the song that is the “story of their life.” There are just so many other great GaGa songs that I think better define her career. But as Lady GaGa once described herself when it came to being a gay icon, she said: “On a scale of 1 to 10 as a gay icon, I’m a Judy Garland fucking 20.” So perhaps this is her way to reaffirm that for us. I will go on record saying I love this song. But it is not what it is hyped up to be. And also, I will be Team Madonna for as long as I live and I will continue to taunt Little Monsters from my grave…

28. Applause (ArtPop – 2013): I still remember the release of this song and the complete division among fans on Twitter about it. At first, I was on the side of not liking it. I just could not get into the song but the more I couldn’t escape the song, the more it grew on me. Now it has gotten to the point that I’m singing along at the top of my lungs when I hear it on the radio.

27. Do What You Want (Feat. R. Kelly) (ArtPop – 2013): Before “Applause” grew on me, this song was what really got me excited for ArtPop. I was instantly hooked on this song and I still get excited hearing it on the radio or at the bars.

26. Americano (Born This Way – 2011): For reasons I can’t explain, I was instantly turned off to this song. I just didn’t like it and always skipped it when it came on shuffle. Then somewhere along the way, I realized what I was missing out on. Maybe Kate Hudson deserves the credit for that brilliant mashup on her first appearance on “Glee?” Who knows? But the point is I absolutely love this song. I will admit though, I am a little more partial to that Kate Hudson song than the original.

25. Schiebe (Born This Way – 2011): One of my instant favorites from Born This Way. I absolutely could not get enough of this song. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I was informed that she was not speaking actual German in the beginning. But the actual song itself is still a great track.

24. Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé) (The Fame Monster – 2009): I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that my lovely Queen Bey would be dueting on a track with GaGa. I couldn’t wait to hear it. I of course fell instantly in love with the track and it was for a while, one of my favorite GaGa songs. I wish it would have stood the test of time a little better because it has fallen down on my list quite a bit. But I will still always appreciate the greatness of this song.

23. Bad Kids (Born This Way – 2011): Definitely one of the better songs off of Born This Way. It is still such a catchy song and it absolutely should have been a single instead of “Edge of Glory” in my opinion. It is far catchier and I think it is overall a better song. Complete missed opportunity there.

22. Donatella (ArtPop – 2013): It’s fun, upbeat, and something you want to sing along to. Need I say more? Once you hear it a couple times, you can’t help but sing the words every time it plays on shuffle on your iPod.

21. Alejandro (The Fame Monster – 2009): After we are hear the amazing “Bad Romance,” The Fame Monster flows right into this track. If you aren’t immediately intrigued by GaGa’s pleas to Alejandro in the beginning, then the beat is sure the pull you in once it starts. I still just love this song. In fact, I actually just sang it at karaoke last night. I can’t imagine ever growing tired of this song.

20. Hair (Born This Way – 2011): This is another song that was released prior to the album as a promotional single. The lyrics are interesting but you can’t deny it is a great track. It is also a fan favorite GaGa track I’ve come to notice so I think that says something.

19. Poker Face (The Fame – 2008): Easily one of her most well-known hits, GaGa sparked interest in a lot of us with this song. If you somehow were able to avoid hearing “Just Dance” from the rock you were living under, you couldn’t escape this song no matter how hard you tried. Even after hearing this song everywhere and all the time on the radio, I still just love it. There’s a good reason it is one of her biggest songs. And if you haven’t heard the stripped down version of it on the piano, you need to give it a listen. It is incredible.

18. Love Game (The Fame – 2008): It’s the song that had us all using the term “Disco Stick” for whatever reason back in 2008. This was one of the first GaGa songs that had us dancing. I still love watching that music video and seeing GaGa show off her great dance moves.

17. Money Honey (The Fame – 2008): When The Fame first came out this was one of my immediate favorites. I can still remember my friends and I playing this song to death and getting unnecessarily excited when it played in an episode of Gossip Girl.

16. You & I (Born This Way – 2011): I dread the day when I hear this song on the radio, groan and change the channel. Because when I hear this song on the radio now, I turn it up and sing along like I can sing like GaGa can, which we all know I cannot. One of her more vocally generous songs that is also catchy, “You & I” is one of the best GaGa songs she has written.

15. Monster (The Fame Monster – 2009): This brings me back to my coming out days when I would serenade my friends to this song at parties and leave them all wondering when the hell I would come out of the closet already. From the opening lines of her telling us not to call her GaGa, to the part where she is describing how this so-called monster tore her clothes right off, ate her heart and her brain, this song just fills me with joy.

14. Just Dance (The Fame – 2008): For most, this was the first taste of GaGa and we liked it. Scratch that. We loved it. I remember when GaGa appeared on a little known MTV show called The Hills and performed it. Did Lauren Conrad have any idea what she was witnessing? It was the birth of a fucking star right there. This song went on to be a sleeper hit, spending 5 months on the Billboard Hot 100 before topping it. It then went on to be one of the best-selling singles of all time selling over 10 million copies. So yeah, you could say it was one of GaGa’s biggest hits to this day.

13. Judas (Born This Way – 2011): As soon as this song came out, I couldn’t help but be hooked. I listened to it to death and then once the video came out, I remember learning the choreography to it as well. She of course received controversy and criticism from the hard core religious people (who I just LOVE!) when the heard the lyrics and saw the video. But despite all that, it was a critical and commercial success.

12. Summerboy (The Fame – 2008): Easily one of the most underrated GaGa songs. I will never understand why this song wasn’t more popular among the super-fans. I love singing along to this song, and blaring it from my car in the summer. Just an overall fun song.

11. Venus (ArtPop – 2013): At first, this was actually my favorite song from ArtPop. Obviously that has changed as there are 4 songs from the album that are ahead of it on the list. But I still think it is a great song to sing and dance to. I can’t wait to see her perform it.

10. Mary Jane Holland (ArtPop -2013): I am just in love with this song. I can’t really explain the appeal, but I just can’t get enough. Great song.

9. G.U.Y. (ArtPop – 2013): Another great song from ArtPop. It really helps prove how much better ArtPop is than Born This Way in my opinion. There are a lot catchier songs and I love the video for this with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured in it and my dear Andy Cohen.

8. Fashion (Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack – 2009): I wish more people knew about this song. It’s a rare GaGa gem if you never got your hands on the soundtrack to Confessions of a Shopaholic. In fact, it’s even an “album only” track on iTunes so you can’t purchase it without the whole album. But this song is beyond catchy and I want it to play non-stop when I shop in stores. I just fucking love this song.

7. Boys Boys Boys (The Fame – 2008): Okay talk about a catchy GaGa song. I will never tire of this song and I will always rock out to it. It is so fun and just a great representation of the artist that GaGa is.

6. Paparazzi (The Fame – 2008): Let’s flashback to the video of this song and remember a young Alexander Skarsgard. What a beautiful man. But coming back to reality here, this is her best song off of The Fame and I think it is still a great song today.

5. Marry The Night (Born This Way – 2011): Easily the best song off of Born This Way. I loved it the moment I heard it. I love the video for it, despite being a short film practically. It’s a unique song that I hope we will get to see her perform for years to come.

4. Dance In The Dark (The Fame Monster – 2009): I will always remember her opening the Fame Monster Ball Tour with this song as her silhouette appeared on the screen in the back. This song is one of her greatest songs and I would have loved to see a music video for this solely for the purpose of seeing the dance moves that would have accompanied it.

3. Sexxx Dreams (ArtPop – 2013): I don’t know where this song came from in GaGa’s mind, but holy shit this song is incredible. I am obsessed with this song. It is one of her best and most unique and creative songs. I imagine I will love this song still many years from now.

2. Gypsy (ArtPop – 2013): Without a doubt the best song off of ArtPop. It is a ballad with great lyrics and that you can’t help singing along to once you know the lyrics to the song. It is just an all-around fantastic song.

1. Bad Romance (The Fame Monster – 2009): Ever since this song has been released, it has been my all-time favorite GaGa song. It is catchy, it has aged well, and I still love the video after all of this time. This song was GaGa’s first release after her critically acclaimed The Fame album. It gave all of us gays hope that GaGa was going to continue being a great artist. I will be truly surprised if GaGa ever releases a song that dethrones this from the top of my list. In my opinion, this will always be the definitive GaGa song.

It seems like Lady GaGa has been around for quite some time, but in fact she only released her first album 6 years ago. She has proven to be an icon and has delivered us some great music. I will always be curious to see what she will do next and I hope I am still a fan years from now. I can’t wait to see her in concert for the second time, although I can’t imagine she’ll have a better show than the Fame Monster Ball.

Here are also some other GaGa songs to check out. These include her on other artist’s songs, and some unreleased tracks:

  1. Video Phone Remix (Feat. Lady GaGa) – Beyoncé:
  2. Again, Again
  3. Vanity
  4. Partynauseas
  5. Future Love
  6. Second Time Around
  7. Lady Is A Tramp (With Tony Bennett)
  8. Ratchet
  9. Anything Goes (With Tony Bennett)

Beyoncé & Jay-Z On The Run Tour Review

It’s one thing to get the privilege to see an artist you love in concert. But for those of us who were lucky enough to attend the On the Run Tour, we were treated to two great artists who also happen to be in love with each other and who collaborate extremely well together. Even before seeing Beyoncé & Jay-Z in concert, I loved every song they put out together. From “Bonnie & Clyde” all the way to “On the Run.” As predicted from those 2 songs, the theme of the show was crime. They had filmed numerous scenes of them portraying these criminal characters and they showed them both during and between performances. In fact, prior to the concert, they released a trailer for the show designed to be a fake movie trailer featuring cameos of various celebrities from Sean Penn to Blake Lively. And let’s face it, Bey & Jay are one of the most powerful and influential couples in the world so it was probably not difficult for them to gather up a few friends to star in it. If you haven’t actually seen the trailer, then click the link below and watch before reading about the concert.


So judging from that trailer, you can get an idea of the general theme of the show here. Beyoncé & Jay-Z have such a large discography both together and separate that they didn’t even have an opening act. But they didn’t really need one. The crowd was already hyped enough for these 2. I personally hyped myself up a little more by dropping some unnecessary funds on merchandise so I could get 2 shirts, a tour program, and a poster but it was worth it for Beyoncé.

The show began with a black and white video on the screen with sirens as Beyoncé & Jay-Z appeared on stage with smoke surrounding them as “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” started playing. Bey was wearing a fishnet see-through mask while Jay wore black sunglasses, a star-speckled shirt, black jacket, and gold chains. The crowd was ecstatic at their first sighting of the duo, myself included. The two went on to perform the song, which was their first recorded song together back in 2002. After the song ended, they went right into another song together, singing “Upgrade U” which is personally one of, if not my favorite Beyoncé & Jay-Z song. They stayed on stage together and sang “Crazy in Love” together. Beyoncé then left the stage for the first time, letting her man take the stage solo.

Jay sang “Show Me What you Got” and when he was done, a video played on screen while the Kanye West song “Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix)” played that Jay-Z was featured on. Jay-Z then sang “Ni**as In Paris” and followed it with “Tom Ford” from his new album. While performing the latter, Beyoncé joined him back on stage wearing a military cap, looking gorgeous, and joined him for vocals on the song. Beyoncé then took her turn to sing solo. She started in with “Run the World (Girls)” and it was followed with feminist speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s words from “Flawless” appearing on screen. Beyoncé of course sang “Flawless” next. She then performed the first part of “Partition” known as just ‘Yonce” before giving the stage back to Jay-Z. Jay sang “Jigga My Ni***” and then “Dirt off Your Shoulder.” Bey returned to the stage to sing a brief version of “Naughty Girl” in a bodysuit and then Jay continued to sing “Big Pimpin’” while a video played featuring vintage video clips and party scenes.

Beyoncé then appeared on stage seated in a glass chair, sporting a full-length sequined bodysuit and the danced and sang “Ring the Alarm.” If anybody doubts that Beyoncé can move and dance like almost no other, they certainly were not in the arena that night or any of the venues on this tour because Beyoncé proved what a phenomenal dancer she is and always has been. The glass chair spun around to reveal Jay-Z and the two sang “On To the Next One” together. This was followed with “Clique” which featured Bey in hooded leather and a montage of war images and fireballs appeared on the screen behind them. While Jay performed “Clique,” Beyoncé sang a short remixed version of “Diva.” She then led into “Baby Boy.”

Then my favorite performance of the night came. After the stage went dark again, Beyoncé reappeared in a black drop-sleeve lace to sing “Haunted.” I already loved this song. Even though there are songs I enjoy more on the new album, seeing this performance really solidified an appreciation for this song and Beyoncé as an artist and a performer. Wow. Jay-Z returned after this to sing “No Church in the Wild” and then the couple followed it with a performance of “Drunk in Love.” Everyone was waiting to see this but I personally don’t think it was as jaw-dropping and incredible as when they sung this at the Grammys. But I still was singing along to every word and was loving it. Jay-Z then sang “Public Service Announcement” and Beyoncé followed it with “Why Don’t You Love Me” as she was joined by the French dancing duo Les Twins. In the middle of her song, Beyoncé stopped and stared the crowd as fierce as can be, showing us again why she called herself Sasha Fierce for a few years. She eventually gave us a smile again when one of the dancers made her laugh.

Jay-Z then sang “Holy Grail” with Beyoncé replacing Justin Timberlake’s part in the chorus. This led into “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” from his new album that was sampled in the tour trailer. Then Beyoncé came back to finish off “Partition” with the second half of the song. The crowd was loving it as Jay-Z added a new rap verse to the song. Toward the end of the song, Beyoncé delivered yet again by heading to the back of the stage and dancing on a chair just like the music video. The lighting effect went back and forth from us seeing Beyoncé clearly to the silhouette of her dancing. We were then shown a video featuring clips from the trailer, showing Beyoncé covered in blood. There was also a scene where Beyoncé was shot while wearing a wedding dress in a church. Her character went on the survive the shooting after Beyoncé walked around in a bloody dress. Then they played the chorus to “Countdown” which led right into Jay-Z singing “99 Problems.” Beyoncé followed this with “If I Were a Boy” and a cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” and then Jay-Z sang “Song Cry.”

Then came the time for Beyoncé to start the rumor mill. She appeared on a separate stage in the middle of the front section, wearing a wedding dress. She sang “Resentment” from her second album which is actually a cover of a Victoria Beckham song. Yes for those of you who weren’t aware, Posh Spice did have a solo career. Noticeably, Bey changed the lyrics from “Been ridin’ with you for six years,” to “Been ridin’ with you for 12 years.” This left most of us wondering if Bey & Jay really are on the rocks. She also expanded on the lyric “I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me” by adding to it “She ain’t even half of me. That bitch will never be.” I’m not too sure if Beyoncé was trying to send a message. But if she is, it is definitely the opposite of the message she has been sending on Instagram with pictures of how happy they are. After singing this song about being cheated on, Beyoncé stayed in costume and went into “Love On Top” which was performed as a tribute to Michael Jackson, who Beyoncé has stated is one of her biggest inspirations and the reason she chose to become a performer. It’s always nice to see performers paying tribute or showing admiration for the artists that inspired and influenced them. It really makes you stop and wonder if one of these great artists of the past didn’t exist, how many great modern artists we wouldn’t have today because that inspiration wouldn’t be there.

After Beyoncé was done playing with my head from those two performances, Jay-Z took back the stage again and performed “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” and “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me).” This was followed by Beyoncé giving us a performance of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” while the crowd danced along with her. It’s no wonder we all knew the dance. As Kanye West once labeled the song “One of the best videos of ALL TIME.” Once again, Beyoncé continued to prove what a remarkable dancer and performer she is. Jay Z then returned to the stage for the last time by himself to perform “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem),” one of his biggest hits. While he sang, shots of Brooklyn in black and white appeared on screen. Beyoncé then came back for her final solo performance to sing “Pretty Hurts” in a leather-studded jacket with the word “Texas” on the back. They may be one of the most powerful and influential couples in the world, but Beyoncé & Jay-Z wanted us to know where they both came from.

Jay once again joined Bey on stage again and they walked to the mini stage in the middle. They performed “Part II (On the Run)” and “Young Forever.” While they sang the latter, they looked at each other with admiration and infatuation showing us that they were still just as in love as they always have been. No elevator fight or cheating rumors are going to keep these two apart. They followed this with “Halo” while footage of them as a couple and Blue Ivy showed. We even saw part of their wedding ceremony from April 2008 along with their “IV” tattoos, as well as Beyoncé showing her bare stomach, pregnant with Blue. This helped slam down the rumors of Beyoncé having a surrogate and fake pregnancy. They ended the show with the melody of “Lift Off” playing while they thanked everybody and headed back to the main stage to exit for the last time.

Now whether you are a fan of either or both of them, there was absolutely no denying that both Beyoncé & Jay-Z are great performers. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Jay-Z. I had never seen a rap artist in concert and I thought he was really good. I was also quite surprised at how many Jay-Z songs I actually knew. Well I mean, not the rap parts but the choruses and I recognized a lot the beats. This did actually motivate me to download some more Jay-Z songs after the concert. I can proudly say I have 14 songs of his on my iPod in case anybody cares…

Okay back to something I know more about: Beyoncé! Words cannot express how phenomenal of a performer that Queen Bey is. She proved that not only can she sing incredibly live but that the woman can dance like no other. I have always been a huge fan of Beyoncé ever since Destiny’s Child so getting to see her live was a dream come true. There are a handful of songs I would have loved to see her sing though. I would have given anything to see her sing “I Was Here” live just for those vocals to really get put to use and because it is one of my all-time favorite Beyoncé songs. I think “Dance for You” would have been great to see her perform maybe for Jay-Z while he sat in the glass throne. It is one of my favorite Beyoncé videos so it would have been amazing to see her show off the dance moves to that song live. I also am very surprised that Jay-Z didn’t sing “Empire State of Mind” with Beyoncé replacing Alicia Keys’ vocals. Some of others that it would have been nice to see would have been an actual performance of “Countdown,” Beyoncé’s cover of Etta James’ “At Last,” and maybe “Listen” from Dreamgirls. But alas, they can only perform so many songs. I mean, together their set list was 44 songs so can I really complain? It was still an incredible show. Beyoncé solidified herself as my third favorite pop diva (After Madonna & Kylie), and gave me validation for respecting her as an artist, performer, and a person.

I would like to criticize two things though. The first is that, judging by the tour trailer that they released, the setting of this tour theme is in modern day with two lovers who are a part of the criminal world. However, most of the clips that were shown had Beyoncé & Jay-Z portraying more of a Bonnie & Clyde type characters with the setting being in a past time period as they traveled from motel to motel in deserted towns and hid out in an abandoned church. But that may have just been my perception. Perhaps that was still set in modern time, but they were in the middle of nowhere. I mean, I’ve road tripped to Vegas and driven through Nevada. Those towns definitely still exist. I guess I just thought the videos and theme of the tour would match more with the trailer. But I still loved both stories that were shown. My second complaint is that I wish Bey & Jay would have talked to the audience more. I don’t know if they just didn’t have the energy for it with their huge set list or maybe there wasn’t enough time. But one of the reasons it is so important for me to see some of the artists I worship or love is that I get to hear them talk to us and show us that they are people too. It’s refreshing when they have a conversation with us or get personal with an audience member or two. It proves that they really care about us. I’ve seen Beyoncé do it in the past on her tour videos so I know it isn’t beneath her. I just wanted to witness it a little.

But overall, it was an absolutely incredible concert. I hope Beyoncé comes back to Seattle soon and I can see her live once again. She really knows how to put on a show. I am also a bigger fan of Jay-Z now after seeing him live. I loved seeing the chemistry between Jay-Z & Beyoncé and I’m going on record saying that I do not think a divorce is coming. I believe they will stay together. They are one of my favorite celebrity couples so I hope they do. If things go stay good between them, we will get more songs from them together and maybe someday, another tour from them both!


I loved Kat so much

I don’t know why this is so funny to me. In some strange way, I actually liked Kat a lot. She may not have been the best player but she was definitely entertaining to watch!

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queens of survivor → parvati shallow

Is there any doubt that she is the greatest player of all time?!

Cher/Cyndi Lauper Review

Well this is my attempt to use my tumblr more for blogging and to do more reviews of concerts and movies and etc… So here we go!

I had the priviliged opportunity of seeing not only Cher on Saturday June 29th, but her opening act was none other than the phenomenal Cyndi Lauper. I have been a big fan of both of theirs for quite some time so seeing them both for the first time was a dream come true.

Cyndi’s setlist went like this:

1. She Bop
2. I’ll Kiss You
3. Witness
4. All Through The Night
5. Into The Nightlife
6. Sex Is In The Heel
7. Time After Time
8. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
9. Money Changes Everything
10. True Colors
11. At Last

Cyndi opened the show with “She Bop” and got the crowd moving right away. I’ve wondered how hard it is for a successful artist like Cyndi to put together a setlist as an opening act when you have so many songs to choose from. If I was as famous and successful as Cyndi, I too would be honored to be opening for an icon like Cher. But I think it would be hard to pick songs out of my discography to put together a 10 song opening act setlist. But I think she did well. She was also coming off honoring the 30th Anniversary of her most successful album “She’s So Unusual” so the next two songs she sang, “I’ll Kiss You” & “Witness” were non-single tracks from the album. Cyndi then sang “All Through The Night” which she revealed which actually Cher’s favorite song of hers. After hearing that, I had chills the entire time she performed the song. It has always been one of my favorite Cyndi songs so knowing Cher loved it too just made it all the more special to me. Cyndi then went into another favorite of mine, “Into The Nightlife” from 2006. Not as many people are familiar with this track as Cyndi’s music sort of fell out of mainstream in the 90’s or so. But this is a gay favorite as I have heard it at multiple gay bars and she performed it for gay supercouple Luke & Noah on the soap opera “As The World Turns” in a guest spot. I will ALWAYS remember that magical episode. Then she sang “Sex Is In The Heel” from the her Tony Award winning musical Kinky Boots. May I just take a quick moment to give Cyndi credit for having won a Grammy, an Emmy, and a Tony?! Bitch is just one Oscar away from an EGOT! Next she sang “Time After Time” which to this day always makes me think of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. Then she sang her biggest hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” She hilariously stopped the song halfway to yell “what the fuck” at us for not singing along better. She followed that with “Money Changes Everything” as she told us that when she released the song, she didn’t seem to think so. But now, she realized, “it kind of fucking does” change things. Then came the tearjerker. Being that it was Gay Pride weekend, and knowing what a huge ally Cyndi Lauper is for us, I knew she was going to bring tears to me eyes somehow. And she did just that with “True Colors.” She sang the song in a chair with the rainbow flag wrapped around her and dedicated it to us. I was gone. Everything about the performance made my heart melt and realize just how important and magical it is to have allies like her on our side. I would easily single out that performance as her best and one of the highlights of the night for me. It was EVERYTHING to see and experience that. Wow. She ended her set with a cover of Etta James’ “At Last” which she deemed “one of the greatest wedding songs of all time.” She of course killed it and the tears stayed in my eyes for this one too.

So as if my gay heart hadn’t endured enough from that, Cher was set to take the stage next.

They played music in between the two artists and shortly before Cher started, the music stopped. The whole arena began cheering and getting excited. Cher took this moment to get on the microphone and ask what we were all applauding for. That’s when it sunk in. I was in the same room as the legendary icon known as CHER! She was here. She was about to be hundreds, okay maybe thousands, or feet away from me and I just got goosebumps all up and down my arms and legs. This was real and I was coming to terms with it.

So Cher finally went on and boy did she not disappoint. Her setlist went like this:

1. Woman’s World
2. Strong Enough
3. Dressed To Kill
4. Little Man/All I Ever Need Is You (Video Interlude)
5. The Beat Goes On
6. I Got You Babe
7. Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves
8. Dark Lady
9. Half Breed
10. Welcome To Burlesque
11. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me
12. Take It Like A Man
13. Walking In Memphis
14. Just Like Jesse James
15. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
16. I Found Someone
17. If I Could Turn Back Time
18. Believe
19. I Hope You Find It

Cher began her set like she always does: Making a theatrical entrance and getting all us gays, gals, and everyone else pumped for the mere presence of the Goddess of Pop. She came down on a pedestal singing the lead single from her new album “Woman’s World.” The audience was electric over this. Then she went right into “Strong Enough” from 1999’s Believe which may just in my opinion be her best album. Then she addressed the audience and said hello and warned us that this is her real “Farewell Tour” as she winked at us. In her defense, the woman is 68 YEARS OLD and who really knows how much longer she can keep doing this. Then she gives a great story about Dr. Pepper and how she is obsessed and she received a gift from them in Dallas. It was a little cooler bag that they wrote on it “To Cher, From Dr. Pepper.” Cher informed us that she has a gazillion dollars and that that gift was not appropriate for an icon. In fact, it isn’t even appropriate for a diva. That may have been one of the best Cher quotes I have ever heard and I plan on using that someday when I’m older and much more fabulous. This brought her into the title track of the tour from her new album “Dressed To Kill.” This was preceded by a short video of Cher turning into a vampire. Then it was time to bring it back. She gave us a video of Sonny & Cher montages included 2 performances by them mashed up in there. Then she played a performance of “The Beat Goes On” and she sang her part of the song. Then she talked about Mr. Sonny Bono a bit before singing a duet with an old video of him of “I Got You Babe.” The stage then turned into a circus with her singing “Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves” “Dark Lady” and then “Half Breed.” She shortened all 3 of those songs to save time and energy I would guess. That disappointed me a little because “Dark Lady” is my all time favorite Cher song and one of her #1 hits. But at least she performed it for me. This concluded the circus theme and as she went to change, they played a montage of her many acting roles including MaskSilkwood, MermaidsWitches Of Eastwick, and her Oscar winning role in Moonstruck. It also showed us her Oscar acceptance speech giving me chills once more. Then she sang her two songs from the movie Burlesque, “Welcome To Burlesque” and “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me.” This was continued by my favorite track from the new album “Take It Like A Man.” She followed this with a video of how much she loved Elvis Presley and showed her dressed like up Elvis even. Then she sang a cover of Marc Cohn’s “Walking In Memphis.” She then went into another of my favorites “Just Like Jesse James.” She confessed that she never really like this song and usually hates singing it on tour but it is such a fan favorite that she has to. It doesn’t make me love it any less. I will always love that song and karaoke it to death. Then she did another costume change and her backup singers sang a condensed version of “Bang Bang” while she changed and then she sang “I Found Someone.” Then she changed once more into her iconic black sequin outfit that she STILL fucking rocked and sang her staple “If I Could Turn Back Time.” She left the stage and came back for the quickest encore in history and sang “Believe” which got everybody out of their seats. As far as I’m concerned that song will never die. She then ended her concert by getting on a open birdcage device and floated throughout the audience all fastened in the device singing “I Hope You Find It.” I couldn’t hold back the tears here. Seeing her go across the audience was one thing but this song hit me. I listened to it to death after my first breakup and again when we broke up the second time recently so it hit something hard in me. I couldn’t help but let the tears run down as she sang this song and hovered above the audience like the goddess she is. This concluded the show.

I can’t really express how important it is for me that I have seen both Cher and Cyndi Lauper now. Both of them are such icons to me and I am huge fans of both of them. It is amazing to me that we got them here on Pride Weekend nonetheless. I hope this isn’t the last tour for Cher because I would absolutely love to see her again. She is such a legend, an icon, and a pioneer for so many. The struggles she went through to get to where she is really help solidify her as the gay icon she is.

Well that’s my concert review. If you guys like it, I hope to continue this and see if I can motivate myself to keep writing and blogging.






TV Sitcom Reunions

Way too many emotions

I love this. Too much.

No, not going to cry. Not going to cry…..

they didn’t invite Screech for the SBTB one :o

If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.

Anna Wintour (via glamour)

Yeah pretty much!